Friday, June 24, 2005

Fathers and Daughter: a poem

This is a poem I wrote shortly after I heard that my birth-father was looking for me. I included it in one of my letters to Ben, and gave one to my dad:

Fathers and Daughter

Two men worry;
Who will take care of her?
For her, I can't wait!

One was the first to hold me--
The other--to nurture and mold me.

Memories of my dad…
Waking up early in my
Little white pajamas
Scurrying to his lap.

Watching his smoke
Dance in the morning light--
Feeling so safe.

The other man-
What did he do?
Who did he have to hold?
What made him feel safe?

My dad-
Proud of everything I do.
Loving me.

I could go on forever
about great memories of Dad.
But I have to thank the first,
for giving me the second--
This great life I've had.


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Christian said...

The poem you wrote gave me chills. My biological father left me shortly after I was born, and is trying to contact me now after 19 years. I had a father figure step in and fulfill duties as "dad" all my life, so your poem sums up my thoughts of my biological father. Very touching.